100 X Disposable Face Mask

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Disposable face Mask. Tie-on/Ear loop 17.5cm*9.5cm. Please store in a clean, ventilated and dry environment, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature environment, prevent damage, dirt, toxic chemical pollution. The product consists of mask body, mask belt, nose clip. The middle layer of the cover is a melt-blown cloth, the nose clip is a plastic nose beam, the inner layer and the outer layer are non-woven fabric. 2 year shelf life. Not for surgical use. 

 Using instruction:

1. Ear band hanging on ears

2. Adjust nose clip

3. Pull the crepe part, full wrapped


Product function:

1. Nose clip length no shorter than 8cm

2. Mask belt break strength no small than 10N

3. Bacterium filter effect 95%

4. Ventilation resistance 49pa/cm²

5. Microbial indicators

Total Bacterium colony CFU/g 100

Coli group, Pseudomonas aeruginosa , SA, hemolytic streptococcus, fungus all not tested out.


It’s suitable for general health care without the risk of body fluid fire splatter.

Storage condition:

This product is a one-time use non-sterilized emergency product.

Please pay attention to the validity and service condition in time.

Do not use when packaging is damaged or mask gets dirty.

Please stop using if there’s any discomfort or allergic reaction.

Microwave disinfection and washing are strictly prohibited.

Please dispose according to the requirements of the hospital or environmental departments after using.    



Mask can filter some pollutant, but can’t cure or lower infected risk. Wrong using of masks will cause disease even death, skin directed contact material will bring anaphylaxis reaction to some sensitive individuals.

Indicative statement:

1. non-sterilized emergency product.

2. This product is a one-time use